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Degree Type:BACHELOR
Degree Duration:4
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Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
RGH152 The Kenya Constitution45View Description
RGN102 Physical Geography: Lithosphere And Atmosphere45View Description
RGN101 Geography Of East Africa45View Description
RGN104 Human Geograph: Major World Enviroinments45View Description
RGN103 Techniques In Geography: Fieldwork And Research Methogology45View Description
RHG101 Themes In African History Before 188545View Description
RHG151 The Kenya Government And Politics45View Description
RHG102 Themes In African History Since 188545View Description
RKS105 Early History And Standardization Of Kiswahili45View Description
RKS104 Introduction To The Use Of Kiswahili45View Description
RKS103 Kiswahili Literature : Theory And Analysis45View Description
RKS102 Communication Skills In Kiswahili45View Description
RKS101 Study Of General Linguistics And Language In Kiswahili45View Description
RKS106 Introduction To The Study Of Kiswahili Literary Devices45View Description
RLE103 The History And Sociology Of English45View Description
RLE102 Aspects Of Modern English Grammar And Usage45View Description
RLE101 Introduction To Linguistics45View Description
RLE104 Listening And Speaking Skills In English45View Description
RLT101 Nature And Function Of Literature45View Description
RLT104 Theories And Concepts In Oral Literature45View Description
RLT103 Language Use In Literature45View Description
RLT102 Practical Criticism45View Description
RPR104 Problems Of Philosophy45View Description
RPR103 Philosophy Of Religion45View Description
RPR102 Introductory Logic45View Description
RPR101 Introduction To Philosophy45View Description
RPR108 Phenomenology Of Religion45View Description
RPR107 Introduction To Biblical Studies45View Description
RPR106 Elements Of African Religion45View Description
RPR105 Introduction To Religion45View Description
TAP102 Education And Development45View Description
TPS101 Introduction To Psychology45View Description
TFD101 History Of Education45View Description
TPS102 Psychology Of Human Development45View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
RGN204 Techniques In Geography: Cartography45View Description
RGN201 Geography Of Africa45View Description
RGN202 Human Geography: Spatial Organization45View Description
RGN203 Physical Geography: Hydrosphere And Biosphere45View Description
RHG206 History Of West Africa Before 180045View Description
RHG205 History Of South Africa Before 180045View Description
RHG204 History Of Central Africa Before 180045View Description
RHG203 World History Up To 191445View Description
RHG202 Issues In Kenya History Since 189545View Description
RHG201 Issues In Kenya History Before 189545View Description
RHG211 History Of U.s.a. Before 187645View Description
RHG210 Transformation Of Europe, 178945View Description
RHG209 History Of Imperial Russia45View Description
RHG207 Topics In North African History45View Description
RHG208 History Of The Black Diaspora Before 186545View Description
RHG255 Introduction To Public Administration45View Description
RHG254 Politics Of Developing Countries45View Description
RHG253 Government And Politics In East Africa45View Description
RHG212 History Of East Asia Before 180045View Description
RHG252 Kenya Foreign Relations45View Description
RHG251 The National Bureaucracy Of Kenya45View Description
RHG213 Aspects Of Latin American History Since The 15th Century45View Description
RKS204 Introduction To Kiswahili Poetry, Prose And Play45View Description
RKS203 Introduction To Kiswahili Comparative Literature45View Description
RKS202 Introduction To Kiswahili Morphology And Morphophonology45View Description
RKS201 Introduction To Kiswahili Phonetics And Phonology45View Description
RKS210 Introduction To Kiswahili Textual Analysis45View Description
RKS211 Literary Criticism And Kiswahili Literature45View Description
RKS209 Kiswahili Stylistics45View Description
RKS205 Kiswahili Oral Literature I45View Description
RKS208 Introduction To Kiswahili Short Story And Literary Essay45View Description
RKS207 Current Issues In The Development Of Kiswahili45View Description
RKS206 Translation Theory And Practice45View Description
RLE204 Writing Skills In English45View Description
RLE203 Reading Skills In English45View Description
RLE202 English Vocabulary And Sound System45View Description
RLE201 Basic Phonetics And Phonology45View Description
RLT201 Literature And Society45View Description
RLT202 Elements Of Drama45View Description
RLT204 East African Peotry45View Description
RLT203 Oral Literature In Kenya45View Description
RPR202 African Philosophy45View Description
RPR201 Ethics45View Description
RPR207 African Religion45View Description
RPR206 Philosophy Of Science45View Description
RPR205 Philosophy Of History45View Description
RPR204 History Of Early Western Philosophy45View Description
RPR203 Symbolic Logic45View Description
RPR212 Development Of Christian Doctrine45View Description
RPR211 History And Development Of Islam45View Description
RPR210 Christian Response To Contemporary Issues45View Description
RPR209 Origins Of Christianity45View Description
RPR208 Comparative Religion45View Description
TAP201 Curriculum Development45View Description
TCT201 Educational Communications (general Methods)45View Description
TFD202 Philosophy Of Education45View Description
TPS202 Psychology Of Learning And Teaching45View Description
TPS201 Educational Measurement And Evaluation45View Description
Level : 3
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
RGN302 Techniques In Geography: Introduction To Statistical Methods45View Description
RGN301 Techniques In Geography: Map And Potograph Interpretation45View Description
RGN311 Geography Of Tourism45View Description
RGN310 Oceanography45View Description
RGN309 Space Geography45View Description
RGN308 Transport Geography45View Description
RGN307 Geography Of Arid, Semi-arid And Waste Lands45View Description
RGN306 Population Geography45View Description
RGN305 Agricultural Geography45View Description
RGN304 Economic Geography45View Description
RGN303 Geomorphology45View Description
RGN312 Remote Sensing45View Description
RHG303 Methods Of Historical Research45View Description
RHG301 Themes In World History Since 191445View Description
RHG351 International Relations45View Description
RHG310 The Middle East Since The 19th Century45View Description
RHG309 History Of East Asia Since 180045View Description
RHG308 History Of Usa Since 187645View Description
RHG307 The Transformation Of Europe Since 187145View Description
RHG304 Sources Of African History45View Description
RHG305 History Of South Africa Since 180045View Description
RHG306 History Of The Black Diaspora Since 186545View Description
RHG3O2 Themes In East African History Up To 180045View Description
RHG354 Public Administration And Development In Africa45View Description
RHG353 Africa In International Relations45View Description
RHG352 Pan-africanism And The Oau45View Description
RKS302 Introduction To Kiswahili Syntax45View Description
RKS301 Introduction To The Theory Of Syntax In Kiswahili45View Description
RKS309 Kiswahili Novel I45View Description
RKS308 Kiswahili Poetry Ii45View Description
RKS307 Kiswahili Poetry I45View Description
RKS306 Kiswahili Play I45View Description
RKS305 Sociolinguistics In Kiswahili45View Description
RKS304 Kiswahili Dialectology45View Description
RKS303 Psycholinguistics In Kiswahili45View Description
RKS310 Kiswahili Novel Ii45View Description
RKS311 Kiswahili Oral Literature Ii45View Description
RLE302 Semantics45View Description
RLE301 Syntax45View Description
RLE306 Stylistics45View Description
RLE305 Error Analysis45View Description
RLE304 Modern English Grammar45View Description
RLE303 Morphology45View Description
RLE312 Cohesion In English45View Description
RLE310 Fundamentals Of Functional Grammar45View Description
RLE309 English Prosody45View Description
RLE308 Language Typology And Language Classification45View Description
RLE307 English For Specific Purposes45View Description
RLT308 Latin American Literature45View Description
RLT307 Black Aethetics45View Description
RLT306 American Literature45View Description
RLT305 Field Work In Oral Literature45View Description
RLT304 Caribbean Literature45View Description
RLT301 East African Prose45View Description
RLT302 South African Prose45View Description
RLT303 East African Drama45View Description
RLT314 European Drama45View Description
RLT313 Childrens Literature45View Description
RLT312 Theatre Arts: Play Production45View Description
RLT311 Theatre Arts: Play Interpretation45View Description
RLT310 Japenese Literature45View Description
RLT309 Literary Stylistics45View Description
RPR305 Philosophy Of The Social Sciencs45View Description
RPR304 History Of Medieval Philosophy45View Description
RPR303 Existertialism45View Description
RPR302 Social And Political Philosophy45View Description
RPR301 Epistemology45View Description
RPR311 The Reformation Of The Christian Church45View Description
RPR309 Theology Of The Bible45View Description
RPR308 Islam In Africa45View Description
RPR307 The Old Testament Text45View Description
RPR310 Christian Theology In Africa45View Description
RPR306 African Social And Political Philosophy45View Description
RPR312 Islamic Theology And Principles45View Description
TCT321 Subject Methods: Literature45View Description
TCT320 Subject Methods: English Language45View Description
TCT303 Teaching Practice45View Description
TCT301 Educational Technology (media)45View Description
TCT326 Subject Methods: Secretarial Studies45View Description
TCT325 Subject Methods: Social Education And Ethics45View Description
TCT324 Subject Methods: Religious Education45View Description
TCT323 Subject Methods: Geography45View Description
TCT322 Subject Methods: History45View Description
TCT327 Subject Methods: Business Education45View Description
TFD302 Sociology Of Education45View Description
TCT330 Subject Methods: Mathematics45View Description
TCT329 Subject Methods: Kiswahili45View Description
TCT328 Subject Methods: Economics45View Description
TPS302 Guidance And Counselling45View Description
Level : 4
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
RGN403 Climatology45View Description
RGN402 Geography Of Development45View Description
RGN401 Techniques In Geography: Statistical Methods45View Description
RGN412 Historical Geography45View Description
RGN411 Political Geography45View Description
RGN410 Computer Studies For Geographers45View Description
RGN409 Urban Geography45View Description
RGN407 Settlement Geography45View Description
RGN406 Dissertation45View Description
RGN404 Biogeography45View Description
RGN405 Industrial Geography45View Description
RHG401 Themes In East African History Since 180045View Description
RHG409 Transformation Of The Indian Sub-continent45View Description
RHG402 Comparative Studies In Imperialism In Africa And Other Third World Countries45View Description
RHG408 History Of Ussr45View Description
RHG407 History Of West Africa Since 180045View Description
RHG406 History Of Political Ideas45View Description
RHG405 History Of Science45View Description
RHG404 African Economic History Since 180045View Description
RHG403 History Of Central Africa Since 180045View Description
RHG451 Africa In World Politics45View Description
RHG453 International Organizations45View Description
RHG452 Government And Politics In Africa45View Description
RKS403 Kiswahili Semantics45View Description
RKS402 Historical And Comparative Study Of Kiswahili45View Description
RKS401 Research Methodology45View Description
RKS410 Kiswahili Play Iii45View Description
RKS409 Sociolinguistics In Kiswahili Ii45View Description
RKS408 Kiswahili Novel Ii45View Description
RKS404 Kiswahili Translated Text45View Description
RKS407 Kiswahili Play Ii45View Description
RKS406 Kiswahili Poetry Iii45View Description
RKS405 Stylists And Pragmatics In Kiswahili45View Description
RLE405 Research Methods In The Study Of Language45View Description
RLE404 Sociolinguistics45View Description
RLE403 Psycholinguistics45View Description
RLE402 English Phonology And Morphology45View Description
RLE401 English Syntax45View Description
RLE412 Project(pre-requisite: Rle 405)45View Description
RLE411 Historical/comparative Linguistics45View Description
RLE410 Translation Theory And Practice45View Description
RLE408 Methods Of Text And Discourse Analysis45View Description
RLE407 Lexical Studies45View Description
RLE406 Pragmatics45View Description
RLT401 European Novel45View Description
RLT405 South African Poetry And Drama45View Description
RLT404 West African Poetry And Drama45View Description
RLT403 West African Prose45View Description
RLT402 Afro-american Literature45View Description
RLT412 Project45View Description
RLT411 Research Methods In Literature45View Description
RLT410 European Poetry45View Description
RLT409 Indian Literature45View Description
RLT408 The Foreign Writer On Africa45View Description
RLT407 Canadian Literature45View Description
RLT406 Single Authors45View Description
RPR403 Philosophy Of Law45View Description
RPR402 History Of Modern Philosophy45View Description
RPR404 Applied Ethics45View Description
RPR401 Metaphysics45View Description
TAP401 Educational Planning45View Description
RPR412 Research Project45View Description
RPR411 Research Methods In Religion45View Description
RPR410 History Of Christianity In East Africa45View Description
RPR405 Philosophy Of Language45View Description
RPR409 The New Testament Texts45View Description
RPR408 Dissertation45View Description
RPR407 Philosophy Of Mind45View Description
RPR406 Contemporary Philosophy45View Description
TAP402 Educational Administration45View Description
TFD402 Comparative And Contemporary Issues In Education45View Description
TPS402 Introduction To Special Education45View Description

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