The College of Education and External Studies is a key player in training of teachers and other human resource who manage and ensure successful performance within the Education Sector. The College has 1 School; the School of Education; which comprises of five administrative units namely:

  • The office of the Dean, and four teaching departments:
  • Department of Educational Administration and Planning
  • Department of Educational Communication and Technology
  • Department of Educational Foundations
  • Department of Physical Education and Sport  

Historical Setting:

1953:     Department of Extra Mural Studies (DEMS) of Makerere University established in Kenya at Koibatek in Baringo County.

1956:     First Resident Tutor for Kenya appointed (Okot p’Bitek).

1963:     Organization of Extra Mural activities transferred to Kenya under a newly established DEMS at Royal Technical             College Nairobi.

1963:     College of Social Studies at Kikuyu absorbed into Royal Technical College Nairobi and merges with DEMS to form Institute of Adult Studies (IAS).

1966:     BEd Arts programme developed and launched at Royal Technical College Nairobi.

1967:     IAS merges with Correspondence Course Unit (CCU) to give 3 departments: DEMS, Adult Studies, and CCU

1972:     Faculty of Education established at Main Campus with assistance from UNESCO.

1972:     BEd Arts programme transferred to the new Faculty of Education in the present Education Building.

1978:     Faculty of Education transferred to Kenyatta University College, the first Constituent College of the University of Nairobi.

1983:     IAS accorded College status and is renamed College of Adult and Distance Education (CADE).

1983:     CADE restructured to create 2 faculties:

  • Faculty of External Studies
  • Faculty of Social Sciences

1985:     Kenyatta University College receives its Charter and becomes a full-fledged University, KU. A Teacher training hiatus is created at UoN.

1988:     Faculty of Education is revived under CADE.

1988:     CADE restructured and Faculty of Social Sciences dissolved to leave two Faculties:

  • Faculty of Education
  • Faculty of External Studies

1988:     College renamed: “College of Education and External Studies, CEES.”

2005:     CEES restructured to create 2 Schools

  • School of Education.
  • School of Continuing and Distance Education.

2005:     Centre for Open and Distance (CODL), established as part of CEES.

2007:     Kenya Science Teachers College is handed over and becomes a campus of the University of Nairobi.

2008:     Kenya Science Teachers College renamed “Kenya Science Campus”

2015:     Centre for Pedagogy and Andragogy established as a unit under CEES.

2016:     CEES is restructured to create ODeL Campus.

2017:     ODeL Campus is operationalized. The entire School of Continuing and Distance Education and CODL ceded to                 ODeL Campus, along with their staff, offices and Extra Mural Centers (EMCs).