Degree Code:E56
Degree Type:MASTERS
Degree Duration:2
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Level : 1
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
TFD 601 Research Methods In Education60View Description
TFD 605 Philosophical Foundations Of Education60View Description
TFD 607 Sociological Foundations Of Education60View Description
TFD 612 Philosophical Foundations Of Education 60View Description
TFD 613 Sociology Foundations Of Education60View Description
Semester: 2
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
TFD 602 Statistics For Educational Research 60View Description
TFD 603 Information And Communications Technology In Education60View Description
TFD 604 Historical Foundations Of Education60View Description
TFD 606 Foundations Of Adult And Continuing Education60View Description
TFD 611 Education In Antiquity60View Description
TFD 612 Education In The Medieval And Modern Times60View Description
TFD 613 The Development Of Modern Education In Africa60View Description
Level : 2
Semester: 1
Course Code Course Name Course Hours 
TFD 614 African Indigenous Education60View Description
TFD 615 The Development Of Education In Kenya In The Colonial Period60View Description
TFD 616 Education In Kenya Since Independence60View Description
TFD 617 The Great Educators 60View Description
TFD 621 Modern Philosophies Of Education60View Description
TFD 622 Education And Knowledge60View Description
TFD 623 Education And Values60View Description
TFD 624 Philosophy Of Science Education60View Description
TFD 625 Philosophy Of Religious Education60View Description
TFD 626 Contemporary Themes In Philosophy Of Education60View Description
TFD 627 African Philosophy Of Education60View Description
TFD 628 Methods Of Philosophical Research60View Description
TFD 631 Development Of Socuiology Of Education60View Description
TFD 632 Socialization Process And Education60View Description
TFD 633 The School And Society60View Description

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