Procedure of Issuing Telkom SIM cards to students.

Procedure of Issuing Telkom SIM cards to students.

1. Student register their intent to be facilitated with data bundles by updating their profile in the SMIS portal and indicating their preferred Telkom outlet.

2. The requests are downloaded by ICTC and forwarded to the respective colleges for review and approval.

3. Upon approval, the approved list is forwarded to ICT Centre.

4. ICT Centre sends Instructions Telkom to configure and issue the Telkom line.

5. Telkom activates the SIM card and send it to the students chosen Telkom outlet

6. The student is alerted by the outlet to go and pick the line when the same is ready via the mobile number provided by they when requesting for facilitation.

Note: All Students should not go to pick the SIM card in their preferred Telkom outlets until they are alerted by their chosen outlet that the SIM card is ready.

Those with Telkom cards need not to get another card. However, their current number should be shared with the University to be activated.