Fact file

  • Brief History

1953: The Faculty traces its history with the establishment of the Department of Extra-mural Studies in Makerere, Uganda 

1956: First resident tutor for Kenya was appointed in

1963:  Extra-Mural Studies in Kenya transferred to a new Extra-Mural Department of the then University College, Nairobi

1967: The three wings of the Institute (Adult Studies Centre, the Correspondence Course Unit AND Extra Mural Unit) were amalgamated to form Extra-Mural Division. 

1983: The Institute was accorded College status and became the College of Adult and Distance

1988: The College was then re-organized, re-structured and renamed the College of Education and External Studies (CEES).

  • Our College Community 

Students: Total= 17, 931

More than 410 PhD students

More than 1800 Masters and Postgraduates diploma students

More than 15,591 undergraduate students

130 foreign students from over 10 countries

Academic staff

6 Full professors

12 Associate professors

15 Senior lecturer

48 lecturers

7 tutorial Fellows

More than 300 part-time/adjunct faculty members

More than 280,000 alumnae around the world.

  • What Sets us Apart

38.5 acres of lush green space with modern and classical buildings

5 Campuses,9 Extra Mural Centres and several sub- centres s geographical spread all over Kenya for ease of access to students

The only College which has launched 7 flagship programs in line with Kenya Vision 2030

The only College which for several years has used  different modes of delivery to teach leaner’s ie distance ,E-learning/online learning, face to face among others

A leader in pedagogy and andragogy

Specializes in Adult learning and distance learning since 1950s

Each year, a number of students benefit from scholarships and bursaries associated with the University and the College.

Manageable classes sizes

93% satisfaction with the quality of teaching (early students survey)

 satisfaction with the accessibility of professors (PhD and Masters  students survey)

Offers only  Master of Arts in Peace Education and Master of Education with specialty in Education in Emergencies  programs in Eastern Africa Region

Offers only Bachelor of Adult and  Community Development  Studies in Kenya

Is currently engaged in  capacity building for ministry of Education staff in Somalia

Recently launched first joint interdisciplinary  master of Education in special needs education  in conjunction with  the department of Psychology  University of Nairobi

Only College with Centres in all the Counties in Kenya to meet the educational needs of the devolved government

Home to the Centre for Open and Distance learning which collaborates with several Universities in Kenya and over 20 Schools at the University to increase, enrich and diversify delivery modes of knowledge acquisition in Higher Education in Kenya.

First to launch Early Grade learning  programme in Kenya in collaboration with USAID

A leader in publishing and printing distance and online learning materials