Jumba Isaac

Jumba Isaac

Professor of Chemistry

Prof. Isaac Jumba is the Principal College of Education and External Studies and Professor of Chemistry at the department of Chemistry at the University of Nairobi.

Academic background

1977       University of Nairobi B.Sc (Chemistry & Biochemistry)

1980       University of Nairobi M.Sc (Chemistry)

1989       University of Nairobi Ph.D (Chemistry)

1989       Moredun Research Institute Edinburgh, Scotland (Special Attachment) Britain Advanced PhD course in Chemical Analytical Techniques, Animal Nutrition and Biostatistics

academic objectives




  1. Kenya Agricultural Research Institute (KARI):  The World Bank Agricultural Research Fund END-OF-PROJECT Evaluation.  Awarded Certificate of Merit for winning.  SECOND OVERALL AWARD   In recognition of outstanding Project Report on: “THE IDENTIFICATION, DISTRIBUTION AND IMPACT OF MINERAL IMBALANCES IN GRAZING LIVESTOCK”.   Presented at the KARI Annual Conference KARI HEADQUARTERS, NAIROBI 2nd – 4th December, 2003
  2. University of Nairobi College of Biological and Physical Sciences.  Awarded Certificate of Recognition for outstanding work performance in the category of “Best Department in Maintaining a Clean Environment – Department of Chemistry” for the Year 2006.
  3. United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) & Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia.  Awarded Certificate and award for best presentation of Kenya Country Report: “THE STATUS OF EFFLUENT TREATMENT AND SAFE WASTE DISPOSAL OF TOXIC AND OBSOLETE PESTICIDES UNDER THE STOCKHOLM CONVENTION.” UNIDO-RENCAP WORKSHOP, Bogor, INDONESIA, 18 – 20 December 2006



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Contact information

Office: Principal's Office Kikuyu Campus
Email: ijumba@uonbi.ac.ke
Office Phone: 0721926366
Voip: 0204916502

Recent publications

  1. Abong'o, DA, Wandiga SO, Jumba I.O., (2018).  Occurrence and distribution of  organochlorine pesticide residue levels in water, sediment and aquatic weeds in the Nyando River catchment, Lake Victoria, Kenya. African Journal of Aquatic Science. 43 (3), 255-270.

  2. Abong'o, DA, Wandiga SO, Jumba I.O., den Brink PJV, Naziriwo BB, Madadi VO, WAFULA GA, Nkedi-Kizza P, Kylin H.  (2015). Occurrence, abundance and distribution of benthic macro invertebrates in the Nyando River catchment, Kenya. African Journal of Aquatic Science. 40 (4) (1608-5914):373-392

  3. Abong’o, DA, Jumba, I.O., den J. VBP, Bbosa NB, Odongo MV, Angoe WG, Henrik K. Peter NK. (2015).   Organochlorine pesticide residue levels in soil from the Nyando River Catchment, Kenya.  Africa Journal of Physical Sciences, 2(1):18-32.