Teaching practice

Teaching PracticeAt the University of Nairobi, teaching practice is used to link course work and instructional management which is crucial in nurturing professional development. support for quality teacher professional development. Teacher trainees choose schools for teaching practice generally considering interests and career goals in relation to skills, values, location and desired working environment. The first experience during teaching practice serves as a foundation for developing the best of each teacher trainee’s professional capacity and catalyzes a lifelong investment in goals, skills and values in teaching.

Teaching practice will officially start on 10th May 2021 as scheduled. This comes after a one year break caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 after schools were closed down following a Presidential directive meant to control the spread the COVID-19 virus. The fourth years who missed Teaching Practice last year and the current third years who are on schedule for teaching practice will be joining various schools in the country for this important exercise. The student were trained by the Teaching practice Coordinator, Dr. Japheth Origa on the various online resources that will be available for them  and how to use them and later submitted to their supervisors. This will ensure that minimum contact between them is maintained and the exercise is conducted as required without exposing the anyone to the virus in line with the WHO guidelines