Annual Sports Day 2021 Edition

CEES Female Netball team (Maroon Shirts)

One of the most exciting events in the University calendar is the Annual Sports Day. On this day staff and students from across all Colleges compete in various sporting activities and socialize. This year, the University of Nairobi held the annual Sports day on Friday June 18 2021 at the University Sports Ground. The theme of this year’s annual Sports Day is “Staying safe and healthy through sports.

Staff and Students from the College of Education and External Studies competed in various games. In the students category, the female netball team from Kikuyu Campus were the overall winners, where as the female team from Kenya Science Campus were the 2nd runners up in this category. Under the Staff category, the female Tug of war team was the 1st runners up. In the athletics category, a female representative from Kenya Science Campus was the 2nd runners up.

The University organizes this annual event to provide a platform for staff and students to actively participate in sports to stay healthy as well as cultivate team spirit.