Training of Trainers for Teacher Education and Management

The Principal Secretary, State Department for University Education and Research, Amb. Simon Nabukwesi has committed to support and upscale the activities Trainers for Teacher Education and Management (TOTEMK). He was speaking during the closing ceremony of the TOTEMK workshop held at the University of Nairobi on Wednesday 10th November 2021.  In his remarks, Amb. Nabukwesi said; “the Government of Kenya continues to make substantial investments in the education sector, therefore this workshop has been proactive in coming to grips with important education changes taking place in our country…We thank all participants for being part of the education reforms in Kenya and thank our Partners from Finland for their relentless support in the implementation of impactful projects.” The Vice Chancellor, University of Nairobi Prof. Stephen Kiama echoed the statements of Amb. Nabukwesi and assured participants of the University of Nairobi’s commitment to the provision of professional support to our teachers in order to support the implementation of CBC as guided by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development. Prof. Kiama state, “We value the quality of skill in our teachers and we are always available to dedicate our efforts in enabling their professional development.”

The Faculty of Education -University of Nairobi hosted the second phase of the Training of Trainers for Teacher Education and Management (TOTEMK) workshop on Monday 8th- Wednesday 10th November 2021 followed by a 1 day technical demonstration on Thursday 11th November 2021. The blended workshop was attended by about 60 participants from 20 universities from across the country. The second phase will consist of 3 days of intensive training and 10 days of practicum.

The objective of the 3-day workshop was to enhance the participants Knowledge and Skills in using Modern Technology in Teaching and Learning. The workshop was centred on a series of activities opening ceremony on the 8th of November, key note address by representatives from University of Helsinki, Teacher Service Commission, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, University of Nairobi and Pwani University. The training covered methods for planning and carrying out online teaching and learning, digitals tools that provide interactive and involving learning experiences and design approaches and methodology necessary in enabling participants to design visual manuscripts for their courses. In addition, participants were also taken through use of open educational resources, digital learning practices and materials, sharing educational practices and competence based mode of assessment which will help them teach teachers on methods of assessment in the Competency Based Curriculum.

During the workshop; participants were introduced to the role of technology in higher education teaching to ensure successful implementation of CBC; the trainers demonstrated the different methodology for planning and carrying out teaching & design and how to apply digital tools in pedagogically appropriate way in an online/blended/classroom learning situation. The Workshop was conducted by Tuija Marstio and Irma Manty from Laurea University

During the opening ceremony on Monday 8th November 2021 at Taifa Hall, The Dean, Faculty of Education Prof. Isaac Jumba welcomed the participants to the workshop urging them to be open to learn as much as possible during the training session. The event was officially opened by Prof. Julius Ogeng’o who assured participants that  the university as a premier institution of higher learning will be at the forefront of implementing all the CBC requirements; saying “we declare total support for this programme as a university. The reforms the Government is initiating in basic education institutions require fundamental changes in higher education. As an academic institution that trains teachers and education managers, we at the University of Nairobi have been intentional in realigning our academic programmes by continuously reviewing our curriculum. We appreciate that the TOTEMK Project is quite timely, as it is expected to strengthen the Teacher Education programmes and Institutional Management in Kenya so as to support the ongoing reforms in the country’s education sector.”

In addition, the Deputy Vice Chancellor- Administration, Finance and Planning Pwani University, and Principal investigator of the TOTEMK project Prof. Hellen Mondoh, said “the learners we are now dealing with are exposed to technology at a very young age; Research has shown that young people use technology to learn, socialize and gather a lot of information; the learners are digitally literate and are socially connected through technology. Teachers need to bear in mind that technology has transformed the learning environment. Institutions of higher learning are already producing graduates teachers to join schools that are already on the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) environment, Universities need to prepare to teachers to support the implementation of the CBC in schools.”


Principal Curriculum developer and Training- Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development Sr. Angelica Obaga, also challenged Instituition of higher learning to support the implementation of CBC ; “to achieve the objectives of CBC, we challenge universities to effectively train teachers in the 21st century competency teacher skills, knowledge and values. We need a paradigm shift in teacher training, we need to focus more on pedagogy and professional competencies as well as focus on learner centered pedagogy”.

The Director Quality Assurance- Teacher Service Commission: Dr. Ntamburi Rueben, highlighted the critical role teachers will pay in the implementation of CBC saying “the learning environment in Kenya has changed, we want a teacher who can teach using technology, we value a teacher who has an ability to design learning experiences, a teacher who has a critical approach to reality who can impart critical life skills on the learners. In the CBC perspective we are looking for a teacher who is open to change.” 

During the ceremony Education Planning expert Dr. Mutegi from the Faculty of Education University of Nairobi gave a presentation on The Role of Technology in enhancing teaching in higher education (Full Presentation HERE)

Dr. Andrew Riechi and Dr. Janet Chumba from the Faculty of Education will be coordinating the project activities of the TOTEMK project on behalf of the University of Nairobi.

About the TOTEMK Project:

TOTEMK – Train­ing Train­ers for Teacher Education and Man­age­ment in Kenya pro­ject  is a four-year project (2020-2024) consortium project, led by University Lecturer Seija Karppinen, is developing teacher training at universities around Kenya. The 4 year project (2020-2024) is being implemented by three Kenyan Universities: University of Nairobi, Pwani University and Strathmore University in collaboration with University of Helsinki and Laurea University of Applied Sciences) The Project aims to train trainers for teacher education and management in Kenya in preparation for the Competence Based Curriculum (CBC).

The project will strengthen the capacity of teacher education and institutional management in Kenya and get more teachers for the labour market that is competent to deliver Competency Based Curriculum in the Kenyan schools. The TOTEMK project strongly contributes to well-functioning, relevant and accessible higher education to the students by modernizing partner country’s higher education institutions’ teacher education, responding to the learning and teaching crisis and developing students’ learning to respond to current education needs

In the short term, the project contributes to improving institutional management and teaching capacity in Kenyan higher education institutions. The learning and teaching crisis will be jointly addressed among Kenyan and Finnish partners in socially and culturally sensitive ways.