University of Nairobi Foundation Pre-Launch dinner.

University of Nairobi (UoN), launched its foundation on Thursday 23rd June 2022 in a colourful celebration marked with pomp and colour.  The event attrated a diverse group including dignitaries, alumni, heads of industries among others.

The event acted as a preparationn for the main launc which will be held n 30th June 2022.

The foundation aims to tap from the philanthropy potential of the higher education sector and institutionalize the sustainability of the UoN. The University shares in the nation's greater mandate of achieving the “Sustainable Development Goals” through providing trained manpower. The economic potential of Kenya and Africa is huge and can only be achieved through cohorts of trained manpower. This explains the recharged vitality in the Higher Education sector, and the ongoing discourse of “Thinking higher education and beyond” by UNESCO, whose aim is to trigger thinking on higher education’s contribution to future societal needs up to 2050.

While speaking t the launch, the universitys’ Vice Chancellor Prof. Stephen Kiama saidi that the foundation will help the university in excecuting its core mandate of teaching, learning and research. The fund will also help the university support needy students; provide research grants as well as helping the university attain financial freedom.

In her rmarks, the chancellor Dr. Vijoo Rattansi  scored the importance of uiversities remaining open  amid the current financial crunch as they play a key role in providing knowledge and manpower to the society.

Theidea for foundtion came to birth when universities in the country started facing dwindling resources and reduced government capitation. It is expected to fill this gap as the uiversity moves forward with its duties.