UoN conducts virtual exams amid Covid-19 pandemic

Online Exams

The COVID-19 Pandemic is quickly fast-tracking many sectors. The possibility of sitting for exams virtually is here with us. Were it not for the pandemic, we would have taken longer to imagine of online examinations. However, the truth of the proverb: ‘Every cloud has a silver lining’ is unfolding right in front of our eyes, due to the virus that is currently ravaging the world. In a way, the scourge is bringing out both the worst and the best in us.

Traditionally, in Kenya, students sit for examinations in a classroom or lecture hall. Owing to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 scourge, this may not have been possible. Either way, students need to be evaluated and the University of Nairobi has been on the forefront offering online teaching and exams.

Institutions of learning have been exploring the option of online teaching and evaluation. The University of Nairobi senate approved online exams.  

The pandemic has disrupted learning across the globe. Learning in third world countries is bearing the brunt of the pandemic more because of lack of integration of digital literacy in schools.

The global scourge is stretching all spheres of life. Traditional learning and teaching methodologies have been greatly shaken. Learning is now virtual. The effectiveness of learning is measured through testing. Owing to technological challenges virtual learning has not been maximized in the country.

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